Traffic domain names

Not all domain names are equal. Some make great brands. Some domain names have traffic from a previous life. And for some names, both are true.  We define traffic domain names as having received visitors over the last 12 months.

Where does the traffic come from?

From direct navigation 

Visitors are typing the name into their web browser address bar and landing directly on the page. Called ‘type-in’ traffic, it is regarded as the most valuable source of traffic because it shows specific intent from the visitors.

The name used to host a website

Visitors are still arriving at the domain name looking for a website that is no longer present. Or they are coming from other websites, following active links still pointing at the name.

It comes up in the search results

Visitors are finding the name listed in search engine rankings. Fun fact: although it doesn’t happen often domain names can become indexed without a website.

Or it has a social life

There might be an existing social media profile associated with the domain name, still driving traffic.   For example, on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

What can I do with the traffic?

Point the traffic at your main website

The visitors landing on this name are looking for something. If that matches what you offer, then you have a good chance of turning them into happy customers. So working out if the traffic is relevant to your business is key. With descriptive names the clue is often in the domain name itself. Or if it’s not so clear cut, you can check the Wayback Machine archives for evidence of previous use. To make life a little easier, we categorise our traffic names on a best fit basis.

Point it at a specific product or service you already offer

Sometimes a name will be a fantastic fit to something you sell. In which case you could use it to direct the visitors straight to your sales page.

Create a new offer 

The name has visitors seeking something which is a close match to your business. But you don’t yet offer an exact equivalent service.  Or don’t yet operate in the area. This could be an opportunity to kick-start a new offering with immediate traffic. 

Build a new micro-site to capture the value of the traffic

This requires more effort to capture the traffic.  It isn’t as easy as pointing the domain name at your existing website or even creating a new offer.  But if you can build a new micro-site or even a full website, you will expand your online presence. The built-in traffic will provide visitors from the start. Reducing your risk in experimenting online.

Boost your search rankings with the links

The name might have existing links pointing to it from across the web. These are valuable and can boost performance in search engines who view them as a vote of confidence. Links vary in quality, so we make no claim for the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) effects of any of our names.

Get creative

You might have a better, alternative use for the traffic. Perhaps you want to use it to boost your online presence elsewhere. For example, to build up a social media profile. Point people to your job openings. Or even direct people to your five star reviews.  It’s up to you.

The traffic is not knowingly generated by our activities and we are not responsible for its sources.  Please be aware that all data is based on past performance. We cannot guarantee future performance. Traffic may increase or decrease over time.