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1. Use the name straightaway

Buy one of our names with a single payment and you can start the transfer process to switch ownership of the name to you straightaway. As the owner you will have full control and can use the domain name as you wish.

If you pay in instalments, we will hold the name in an account for you and you will have access to use the name as you need.  Once your payments are complete, we will start the transfer process to switch ownership of the name to you.

2. Free transfer to you

Once your payments are complete, we will help you take ownership of the name. And pay the registry transfer fee where applicable. You will still need to renew your new domain at your registrar each year to maintain ownership.

3. No hidden charges or interest on payments

The price you agree to pay is the price you’ll pay. We don’t hide charges in the small print and we don’t charge interest for payment in instalments. And if the name needs renewing at the registrar during the payment period, we will take care of it at no charge to you.

4. Cancel at any time 

If you pay in instalments, you can cancel at any time. So if you decide you no longer need the name, then you can stop payments and the name will return to us.

5. Risk free 30-day full refund guarantee

If you are not completely happy with your purchase, you have a full 30 days to notify us and request a full refund. Please note: terms and conditions apply and if you have transferred the name away you will not be eligible for a refund.

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